Curtis Architecture is an Iowa firm specializing in a wide range of commercial restoration projects.

We offer commercial architecture services in addition to interior design, restoration, planning, and 3D computer renderings. We look forward to meeting you and learning more about your project.


We offer commercial architecture services. Whether you’ve got an idea or we are starting from scratch our team will be there from start to finish. From the first draft through the finished building.


The outside of your building is just half the battle, and if you’re in a shared office building, it isn’t part of the battle at all. Our interior design services prove that what’s on the inside matters, maybe even more than what’s on the outside. Whether you’re building a new house and want a unique interior, want to pay tribute to the original building, or want to wow your customers with an innovative floor plan, our team’s got you covered.


Restoring older buildings back to their former glory is one of our favorite services to provide. There is something about the architecture of older buildings that is inspiring and beautiful. If you are looking to pay tribute to the building’s history by restoring the original building design, our team would be overjoyed to accompany you on the journey.


Planning is the first step to any project and figuring out the footprint of your building is our first step. We begin by determining the purpose for the building, what is needed in and around the building to fulfill the purpose, and the materials that you want to use to build it. If you have already selected a contractor we can also incorporate vetting their subcontractors into this process.


See what your building is going to look like to scale with our 3D renderings. We put together renderings for the outside and the inside of your building (if applicable) so you can visualize it prior to completion. We also create drawings for your general contractor to follow so that your building turns out as planned.