Whether you need a 10 million dollar building or a $30,000 addition, our team has you covered. With a skill set ranging from new construction to revitalization, we can work on any project no matter the size or current condition of the building. Our relationships with contractors and all of the engineering fields will provide you with a single serve experience that limits number of contractor relationships you have to maintain.


New construction, building additions, facade remodels, and interior remodels are all in our wheelhouse. When designing your project, our team will take into consideration the purpose for the building, the available space, and your vision for the building to create your final plans. We are available throughout the entire design-bid-build process to answer any questions that you or your contractor(s) may have and to also ensure that our designs are executed properly.

Our commercial building experience includes general office spaces, banks, auto dealerships, college classrooms, hospital additions, clinics, and multi-family housing units.  No matter the size of your project, our team is up to the task.


Want to restore the building you are in to it’s former glory? Our team specializes in reviving buildings with a rich history back to their intended look with a slightly updated feel that pays homage to their roots. If we can track down photos of what the building looked like originally we will start there, otherwise we will use our knowledge of the architecture of the time your building was constructed to create the new facade.

We have a strong relationship with Iowa Historic Preservation Office and have been associated with the Iowa Main Street Program for many years. Both public and private projects have been accepted.