Diversify Downtown

“Advantage …………… Downtown!”

Do you know the saying, “Good things stand the test of time”? Well the downtown district has certainly taken its blows over the years. The big bully called a Mall took us to the very edge of extinction. Have you looked around lately? Today, malls are failing all across the nation. In the meantime, our downtowns have remained. Now is the time for downtown districts to make the comeback. In my opinion, this is thanks to Amazon! You say wait a minute, Amazon is taking from everyone! I beg to differ. Yes, the large Amazon distribution centers are supplying a lot of products; however, when you order a product, do you really care where it comes from as long as you get it as soon as possible? Okay, the company also needs to have good reviews. If you have the capacity for those two things, brick and mortar is the only other component you need. The future can be small businesses, doing quality sells, throughout the planet from downtown districts across the nation.

Diversify your sales with walk-in customers as well as online consumers. Put your company in a location where everyone in the community has some personal interest. You are on your way to owning a downtown building. Downtown buildings can be a very smart investment if you do it the right way. New construction costs have skyrocketed over the last 5 years, leaving rehabbing downtown buildings a viable option. If you can be practical with your choices, revitalization can be the economical solution. Decide whether to buy a cheap building that needs lots of help, or buy one that is looking for a little tender care. It doesn’t matter, as long as you understand how the improvements should go together, and find a local contractor to help you through the construction. You must first engage your local building inspector

to understand the critical issues prior to buying. Have your contractor with you as the inspector talks about the city requirements needed for the building. Inspectors like being on the front end of projects. If the improvements seem too overwhelming or cost too much, move on to another prospect. You will learn a great deal going through this exercise.

We are here to assist you through the process if you need the help!