Historic Façade Components FE-19.04

Historic Façade Components "Keep It Simple" Coping - Provide a water preventive cap to your façade wall. Upper Cornice - Maintain decorative top. If your façade feels top heavy, consider adding a cornice. Eye Brows - Maintain existing brows over upper windows. Look for delaminating or rusting steel [...]

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Work the Local Historical System FE-19.15

Work the Local Historical System “The Way It Is Supposed to Work!” This façade project has a great deal of positive examples. We had a typical slip cover on this façade that had to go! It is always a bit anxious when you don’t know what is left behind [...]

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Tuckpointing a Painted Facade FE-19.11

Tuckpointing a Painted Facade “Organize Your Painter with Your Mason” Rarely will I recommend you paint an unpainted façade, but if it is already painted and you are in need of tuckpointing, consider this. Remove the mortar, paint the face of the bricks, then fill joints with [...]

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Transom Windows over Storefront FE-19.10

Transom Windows over Storefront “To Do or Not to Do?” Lets start this discussion with a little bit of history. Windows over doors and above your storefront glass was meant to do a couple of things back then. Remember in 1900, air conditioning and proper lighting were hard to [...]

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Upper Floor Window Eyesore FE-19.12

Upper Floor Window Eyesore “That Upstairs Window Is Ugly!!” Take a good look at the middle three windows compared to the ones on either side. Yes, the upper level has a dropped ceiling that cuts the upper sash in half. I’ll tell you a secret—so do the middle windows, [...]

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Top of Building: “Cornice” FE-19.09

Top of Building: “Cornice” “Preserve — Remove – Add” Cornice - The top crown of a building. It is traditionally made of masonry or molded tin. In recent years the cornice has been abandoned altogether. Historians want you to preserve what is left on your building, but they don’t [...]

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