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Separation from Upper Level(s) ML-19.13

Separation from Upper Level(s) “Apartment Above . . . Think Ahead on This One!” This topic is full of code challenges. Please discuss this topic with your local inspector and see what they will approve. There are multiple ways to provide a required two-hour fire assembly between your main [...]

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Main Level Door Egress ML-19.09

Main Level Door Egress “General Door Requirements for Exiting Your Main Level” There are many factors that need to be considered when exiting your downtown building. This informational sheet provides door basics you’ll need when considering your renovation. Exiting requirements are different for Hazardous, Industrial, and Residential building uses. [...]

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Exit Signs & Emergency Lights ML-19.07

Exit Signs & Emergency Lights “Don’t Overlook This Need” Exit signage and emergency lighting are required in your building. It doesn’t matter how small your building is; when one is in a bit of a panic, a lighted exit sign and emergency lights are important. A lighted exit sign [...]

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Drywall Finish Textures ML-19.06

Drywall Finish Textures "Stay Inside the Box and Don’t Venture on This One” Historically, wall textures were simple and didn’t shout. I happen to agree on this statement, even today. I think there are many other solutions to highlight a wall than providing a drywall texture. Remember our old [...]

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Door Swing Clearances ML-19.05

Door Swing Clearances “Provide Space for ADA Compliance around Your Doors” Here is another code compliant topic that will need verification from your building official. The images above represent the basics so that you can properly accommodate this code. Lots of “do it yourselfers” get these wrong. [...]

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