Upper Floor Window Eyesore FE-19.12

Upper Floor Window Eyesore “That Upstairs Window Is Ugly!!” Take a good look at the middle three windows compared to the ones on either side. Yes, the upper level has a dropped ceiling that cuts the upper sash in half. I’ll tell you a secret—so do the middle windows, [...]

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Door Swing Clearances ML-19.05

Door Swing Clearances “Provide Space for ADA Compliance around Your Doors” Here is another code compliant topic that will need verification from your building official. The images above represent the basics so that you can properly accommodate this code. Lots of “do it yourselfers” get these wrong. [...]

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Diversify Downtown GD-19.02

Diversify Downtown “Advantage …………… Downtown!” Do you know the saying, “Good things stand the test of time”? Well the downtown district has certainly taken its blows over the years. The big bully called a Mall took us to the very edge of extinction. Have you looked around lately? Today, [...]

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