What Is a Knox Box?

“Emergency Access Box”

Check with your local fire department and ask if a Knox Box is required in your community. This simple box is pretty non destructible. It is a small box safe that is attached to the side of your building. It will house the keys to your building in case a police officer, emergency aid, or fireman/woman needs quick access into your building.

The benefit to you is that they won’t need to break down your door to get inside. It is secured to the side of your building. Unfortunately the fire department is less interested in the aesthetic location than you might be, and I haven’t been able to influence the location much! On the positive side, they are small and not so noticeable, unless you are looking for them. In many cases, the city will allow one box to be shared between two or more buildings, allowing the expense to be shared.

It is possible to recess the box; however, they are quite costly and the added expense to recess them might not be a viable option for you. The box itself will cost a little less than $500. Mounting them is not complicated, but must be done correctly. Your fire department will provide assistance if needed. They will definitely want to have control over the location!